Wedding Announcements Tailored for you

Have you been engaged, the first euphoria has faded and you are throwing yourself at the wedding preparations? If you have a selected date and a confirmed wedding place, you can look after the wedding announcement. In order to reconcile wedding announcements with the style of weddings, it is good to clarify before its selection how you want to look your wedding day.
Wedding Announcements
We will make a wedding announcement on which you appreciate its quality design. A great advantage for you is that you can design your wedding announcement and we will make it for you. However, if you choose to have a notification in our catalogue, we will make it in a colour to match the other decorations and style of the wedding.

If you are not very creative and you do not have a clear idea of the wedding announcement, we are sure that you choose in our catalog. We can help you to select text or a motto in the announcement. In one purchase, you will surely choose decorations and accessories for your wedding table.