We will gladly adapt our basic

In general, the term "semi-finished" will introduce, for example, a food that needs to be warmed up before consumption. In engineering, for example, it can be a sheet metal, which must be bend and shape before use. In the case of services for entrepreneurs, it may be, for example, ready made, which needs to be adapted from a formal point of view, but this will only take a few minutes.
Changes will reflect your needs
Any change to any of your purchased Ltd. Ready made will bounce your needs. The only change that is necessary from the point of view of the law is the change of owner, which we will formally make when concluding a mutual contract for the purchase of a pre-founded company. Further changes will be made to the company according to your wishes. We are pleased to help you with these changes, or we will guide you directly to the relevant offices, registrs or institutions.