Fix the weather once for always

When you decided to sign up for your business at a big professional fair, it was clear to you that it wouldn't be just that.

Mainly because you have never participated in such events before, so you have to think from the beginning how to arrange everything and how to do it.

Most importantly, you were worried that you would be in an outdoor uncovered area and that it might happen that it would start rained. The weather's boring, we all know.
Be seen

Fortunately, you have been advised by the pros and you have bought a spacious corporate Scissan, which you have also been allowed to print with your company slogans and logos, so it looked really good.

And it was prudent that you did it, for the whole weekend when the fair was raining, but you didn't have to bother you, you were dry and all customers were happy to come hide and have fun about your goods.