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Ltd. For sale

Do you ask what Ltd. For sale means? How can it be for sale? In that case, we'll give you an explanation. Our company offers the creation or use of already existing ready-made companies. We offer companies of all kinds. The most common of these is the limited liability company. The second most common are joint stock companies and the Read More

Regularity is paid

Have you tried happiness in the dancing Czech game Sportka? No? What are you waiting for? Study the rules and turn off some important numbers from your life, for example, which means something to you and drill them on the ticket at the nearest Sazka terminal. For example, these numbers will bring you a wonderful life you've been dreaming about Read More

Do you need to embark on a business trip?

You need to go on a business trip, but do not know where to get a reliable car for rent? Do you have to introduce a relative to an airport that is located too far and you do not know where to rent a car as cheaply as possible? Whatever your story, our car rental company will be happy to Read More

Experience Pleasant moments

Do you like good music? Do you like to make a ride by car or a boring job a bit of fun? Tune in the Impuls radio and you will not regret it. A lot of foreign but also Czech music is a repertoire from which everyone chooses. New hits, but also older ones, this is really a wide offer Read More

For home and business

Equipping your entire home or office with your business is no problem. Just get in the hands of the specialists in Plzeň furniture. A detailed visualization of the future form will help you decide on the right layout or the chosen décor or design. Having a representative meeting room in your company is an important business card. Your business partners Read More

Wide range of profiles

Are you building a house or Renova? Are you considering what windows would be best suited to you? Do you like tradition and quality? Then choose the euro windows. These modern windows of wood have completely innovative and modern qualities that far outperforms the old wooden windows that we know from the cottages of our grandmothers. Wood is the oldest Read More

Our doors are very durable

Choose your door at home, thanks to the fact that on our website there is a catalogue of goods for viewing. Another option is the possibility of clicking through and reading the articles on our website. And in the third the best-you can get out of our information pages directly into the eshop. Our online store is open to you Read More

Fix the weather once for always

When you decided to sign up for your business at a big professional fair, it was clear to you that it wouldn't be just that. Mainly because you have never participated in such events before, so you have to think from the beginning how to arrange everything and how to do it. Most importantly, you were worried that you would Read More

We are looking forward to the final in the Fed Cup

It is necessary to admit that our women are serving better performances this year. Soon he will be present in the finals of team competitions. There is a very heavy opponent waiting, and that is Russia. Who will be in their lineup? Our non-playing Captain Petr Pála is probably thinking about the assembly. Who is he nominated for? Three of Read More

We will gladly adapt our basic

In general, the term "semi-finished" will introduce, for example, a food that needs to be warmed up before consumption. In engineering, for example, it can be a sheet metal, which must be bend and shape before use. In the case of services for entrepreneurs, it may be, for example, ready made, which needs to be adapted from a formal point Read More