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Easy to maneuverability

Do you Renova house or apartment or build a new one and do not know what window system to choose? Do you require great durability, longevity and a great price? The plastic windows are for you as done. They last for decades and you won't have any problem with them. If you choose, you won't regret it. If you are Read More

We will remove the breakdown of your vehicles

Do you have your car unpassable? In this case, we advise you to head on to our Audi service as soon as possible. We'll take care of him there very well. We'll find out what kind of malfunction we're going to remove. In our workshops we have the necessary technical facilities and equipment. If you need our services, do not Read More


If your head is already adorned with elongated hair, you must not forget that they require some aftercare! We do not recommend them excessively scrub when bathing, absolutely enough when you wash the mane in the inclination of the tub. It is not recommended to overdo it with staining, ironing and straightened! Just be cautious of your curls and you Read More

At the same time, the sale of

The company Autoglass Prague is a specialised service operating for almost twenty years. It is an offer of professional assembly and repairs of damage to glass parts for cars, trucks and construction vehicles. This is a very necessary service. Every driver is obliged by law to ensure that his vehicle always comes out with intact and undamaged glass parts. These Read More

Combination of two shades and a retractable roof as a bonus

Volkswagen is really at the forefront of the industry. This leadership can still be maintained only if the automer is constantly spending large amounts of energy and finance in research and development. The new models are then really high-level. In particular, young people will appreciate the possibility of combining two shades on the body and a drawroof is also a Read More

To make your star cool

You would surely like to know more about it before you retire. That's why there's a great retirement calculator for you. It is important to examine everything beforehand. A lot of things are constantly changing and changing reforms make it harder for us. The calculator will calculate everything perfectly. Everything is constantly updated. The tables are always transparent and reliable. Read More

Wedding Announcements Tailored for you

Have you been engaged, the first euphoria has faded and you are throwing yourself at the wedding preparations? If you have a selected date and a confirmed wedding place, you can look after the wedding announcement. In order to reconcile wedding announcements with the style of weddings, it is good to clarify before its selection how you want to look Read More

A bike that no one has

Grandpa Patrick was a passionate cycline. Not only was he an active athlete, but he was also a very handy designer. When he assembled his first round, everyone discovered it and today it is produced serially. Now, however, he was going to assemble the bike to his grandson, and so it must be perfect and timeless, he knew well. The Read More

Windows with tradition, outstanding features and design

Do you renovhave your house or apartment and you decided to buy modern and high quality windows, but you do not know what kind to choose? How about try plastic windows? They are now really the most popular window system on the market. They also have a very long service life and simple maintenance. Plastic windows are advantageous not only Read More

Fast, cheap and quality

Just with our car rental company you rent a vehicle to your liking quickly, cheaply and in high quality. You can according to your own needs and wishes, rent a car, any size, type, kind and for the time you need. Our range of vehicles is very diverse, but you are assured that you rent high quality at very low Read More